Changing the landscape in China and Hong Kong for 25 years


Farrells, the award-winning British architect planners firm, aimed to mark their 25th anniversary in China with strong local market engagement.

Activations took place in Hong Kong in April 2016 and Shenzhen in October 2016, consisting of a public Architectural Exhibition and talks series. The objective was to strengthen brand reputation within the industry and core client base, while engaging with the wider community.

The strategy needed to build buzz and anticipation for the events, whilst positioning Farrells as a leader in the field. It was crucial to create relevance of Farrells as an international brand to the local audiences in China.

  • Market-specific positioning and messaging highlighting the firm’s contribution to urban development in China
  • Introduced Sir Terry Farrell as the global master of architecture and planning, and Stefan Krummeck as an opinion leader in Hong Kong
  • Demonstrate Farrells’ significant contributions to China’s development over the last 25 years, with case studies developed on significant projects across infrastructure, business, culture and leisure
  • Built stories around having an ‘urban dialogue through design’ – a key focus of Farrells
  • Created buzz prior to the exhibition through the crafting of engaging storylines, driving visitation
  • Reached out to architecture associations and communities to ensure industry involvement
  • Educated the public on how the firm’s projects first and foremost take into account the community, building for the people and their needs, by securing thought leadership placements
visitors to public exhibitions
industry leaders attending opening events
stories in target publications and platforms
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