The importance of strategy in arts PR

Arts organisations can easily be overshadowed by their exhibits, but developing long-term brand strategy can help them better achieve their missions.

Eleanor Porter Sinclair Shanghai Eleanor Porter · 4 Mar 2019

Why the art world should invest in social media

Social media can be used for more than just posting updates – harnessed effectively, it can play vital role in fulfilling long-term business and communications objectives.

Holly Chan - Sinclair Holly Chan · 21 Feb 2019

Compelling Content: Arts Communications

In a sector where audience development is the cornerstone to success and longevity, a strategic content plan can help your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Annu Dey · 10 Feb 2019

How do you measure the impact of public relations?

How do you measure the value of a service that is often, by its very nature, intangible? Elly Porter takes a look at the world of PR measurement and insights.

Eleanor Porter Sinclair Shanghai Eleanor Porter · 1 Feb 2019

Issues Management in the Arts: How to Plan

When issues arise, wallets often close – this is why arts institutions need to consider and anticipate potential issues that may arise as a result of their projects.

Annu Dey · 22 Jan 2019

China’s art ecosystem grows in scale and scope

At both an art market and institutional level, China is shifting up a gear, and it’s a place the world should watch with interest. Elly Porter shares her insights.

Eleanor Porter Sinclair Shanghai Eleanor Porter · 14 Nov 2018
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