Arts & Culture in China: How to win the hearts of the new generation audience

Arts & Culture in China: How to win the hearts of the new generation audience

One of the most interesting phenomena in Greater China now is the region’s growing audience for arts and culture. The rise in this new generation of “arts and culture” consumers is driving significant lifestyle changes domestically and reshaping the Chinese consumer world. In this article, Sinclair share our insights on this trend in China, and […]

Nina Ni Nina Ni · 30 May 2022

A brand’s connection to its local community is more important than ever

For most businesses, 2020 turned out to be a year of survival and adaptation by exploring alternative strategies and operating models, leading to a re-evaluation of brand identities and target audiences.  

Franky_Sinclair Franky Mang · 10 Feb 2021

Better understand audiences to come out of COVID-19 Stronger

One of the many outcomes of the global Covid-19 pandemic has been an urgent need across industry sectors to change the way they interact with and engage their audiences. The art industry has been no exception. Across the board, institutions and galleries have had to pivot to digital content, creating programming to reach audiences in a locked-down, socially distanced world.

Rosanna Herries · 1 Dec 2020

3 FAQs on Chinese art media

Here are a few common questions you might face in pitching art media in China

Nathan Li · 18 Oct 2019

5 Tips to Avoid the Summer Doldrums at your Gallery

We have 5 suggestions to help boost foot traffic and keep your art business booming into the fall.

Greg Young · 26 Jul 2019

Art, an unnecessary necessity

Art that resonates with the local community and visitors alike has the power to connect people to their own cultural identity or that of the locality.

Rosanna Herries · 10 Jun 2019

Learning from Museum 2050

Sinclair Arts was invited by the founders of Museum 2050, Leigh Tanner and Nicole Ching, to participate in their second annual symposium hosted at Zhi Art Museum, Chengdu from 28-30 April. As Museum 2050’s Integrated PR Partner, Sinclair Arts had the privilege of leading a workshop, which gathered attendees from several prominent institutions across China, including He Art Museum, YUZ, M+ and others.

Greg Young · 10 May 2019

The importance of strategy in arts PR

Arts organisations can easily be overshadowed by their exhibits, but developing long-term brand strategy can help them better achieve their missions.

Eleanor Porter · 4 Mar 2019

Why the art world should invest in social media

Social media can be used for more than just posting updates – harnessed effectively, it can play vital role in fulfilling long-term business and communications objectives.

Holly Chan · 21 Feb 2019
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