Driving traffic to a grassroots Hong Kong arts festival

Chai Wan Mei Art & Design Festival

In its fourth year, Chai Wan Mei Art & Design Festival, Hong Kong’s grassroots celebration of the arts, opened to the public on 14-15 March 2015 with 30+ participating spaces. With much media noise surrounding Hong Kong Art Week, Chai Wan Mei was up against international giants such as Art Basel and Art Central for column inches.

Though Chai Wan Mei was already established amongst art circles, the challenge was reaching out to the wider Hong Kong public without undermining its influence in the art world.

  • Positioned Chai Wan Mei as the ultimate ‘fair antidote’ and grassroots go-to during Hong Kong Art Week
  • Maintained and strengthened Chai Wan Mei’s solid four-year reputation within the art world and positioned festival co-founder Katie de Tilly as a thought leader in the art industry
  • Created media hype around the festival through the exclusive Chai Wan Nites event
  • Hosted a media preview shortly before the launch to give media a teaser of what to expect and generate excitement for the event
  • Invited select art and lifestyle media to Chai Wan Nites to create exclusivity
media attended events
stories were created across the one-month project
  • International media including the Daily Mail and Art Radar covered Chai Wan Mei, as did most locally influential publications such as the South China Morning Post, Ming Pao Weekly and Apple Daily
  • Local lifestyle publications covering Chai Wan Mei included Hong Kong Tatler, Elle HK, Prestige Hong Kong , Baccarat and The Peak
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