Creating conversation around architecture at Hong Kong’s Biennale


Research showed that many Hong Kongers, particularly younger generations, weren’t interested in architecture and art conversations as they perceived them as difficult to understand. Much of the general public would refrain from visiting exhibitions as they didn’t see the relevance of architecture to their daily lives and found art inaccessible. Our key challenge was to get them engaged and talking about ‘VISIONS 2050 – Lifestyle and the City’.


Sinclair positioned UABBHK as an open platform for artists, professionals, architects and the general public from Hong Kong and overseas to engage and interact.

  • Highlighted the programmes and events suitable for the masses, and those specifically for students, to make the exhibition accessible and approachable to all
  • Strategically scheduled media pitching and media partnership engagements to secure and balance coverage from December 2015 to February 2016, and across the various elements of UABBHK
  • To attract a younger audience, we curated visual content that made an impression amongst the target audience and shed light on exhibits that were attractive to families but may not have garnered much media attention
Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou
visitors between December 2015 to February 2016, a record turnout for the event
increase in visitors from previous edition
stories in key local and international media
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