Uniting Hong Kong’s art ecosystem through a collaborative campaign in response to COVID-19


A creative response to the pandemic

Hong Kong’s art industry has been immensely impacted by COVID-19, as it has been globally. With the key annual arts moment, Art Month Hong Kong (March) cancelled in 2020, there was a need to celebrate Hong Kong’s diverse arts scene in an innovative way, and drive positive energy and confidence for Hong Kong’s vibrant, strong and prosperous art scene. 

In response to this ongoing impact, ART Power HK has extended its original four-month campaign to June 2021 and adapted the digital Platform to offer a much deeper response and longer commitment to maintain momentum for the arts and continue to amplify the arts initiatives across the city.  


Community The non-commercial, community-wide campaign ART Power HK unites HK’s arts community, gathered over 160 partners from across the HK arts ecosystem. 

Collaboration The campaign congregates and amplifies the initiatives of locally-based arts organisations, institutions and businesses, thus highlighting Hong Kong’s global leadership across art, tech, business and sustainability. The platform drives positive energy and confidence for Hong Kong’s open, active and resilient art scene.

Connect ART Power HK gives local and global audience a unique access to arts programming, content and the latest activations from across Hong Kong’s arts community. 

Content With a powerful content strategy, interactive digital platform and engaging social media channels, the audience can engage through multiple formats – from artist videos, talks and virtual tours to interactive workshops. 

Agile ART Power HK is constantly developing to best serve the needs of the local arts comm

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