Innovating contemporary connections and building appreciation for traditional craftsmanship ​

Crafts On Peel

Promote the appreciation of handicrafts, culture and heritage

Crafts on Peel is a not-for-profit creative venue located in a historic walk-up in the heart of Hong Kong, opened January 2020. The inaugural exhibition Crafts Interwoven: Past and Present was held to present a collaborative series of unique artefacts between two generations, unfolding the transformation of the respective traditional craftsmanship with the change of time. As a new creative venue in Hong Kong, one of the key challenges was to build awareness, create buzz and ensure that Crafts on Peel is established as a destination with a clear vision to provide a platform for traditional craft techniques and stories to be preserved and maintain relevance in the modern world.


Strategy A targeted and comprehensive PR strategy and brand images were developed to position Crafts on Peel as a creative venue aimed to revive, reinterpret and perpetuate traditional crafts in the contemporary context.

Focus All communications and narrative are created to be focused on Crafts on Peel’s vision and mission, and to position Crafts on Peel as an important and unique platform for crafts collaboration between traditional craftsmen and young artisans.

Engage Top-tier media were invited to explore the creative venue and exhibition with a first-hand experience during exclusive media preview and individual visits, which also provided opportunities for target media to meet with the spokespersons. 

Social Launched Crafts on Peel Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to establish the creative venue fully with significant social media presence. 

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