31 Oct 2019

The new age of art investment with Epsilon ArtShare

Launched at Fine Art Asia 2019, Epsilon ArtShare is the newest offering to the global art market, aiming to transform the way people invest in and collect artworks. Epsilon ArtShare has a pioneering and dynamic business model that combines a fintech framework, mobile app technology, and expertise. With sales exclusively operating through the app, Epsilon ArtShare is an online auction platform that allows users to invest in fine art, collect fine art and engage in the app’s quality art content platform. Built from a desire to democratize the art market and offer complete transparency to each and every transaction, Epsilon ArtShare is creating a new way to engage with the art market that combines the business models of auction houses and art investment funds while giving users total day-to-day control over their investments. As a digital platform, Epsilon ArtShare has the ability to connect with anyone who owns a smartphone around the world. Users of the app don’t need to know anything about the art market to successfully invest in museum quality artworks and antiques, and can invest any amount they wish, no matter how large or small. Epsilon ArtShare is pioneering a new way to invest in art that doesn’t rely on the increase in value of artworks over time and which is more liquid than conventional art investment methods.


The Epsilon ArtShare app lists important artworks and museum-quality antiques for sale and investment. As a professional buyer of artworks, Epsilon ArtShare sources valuable artworks for their auction collection directly from owners, using the same networks of fine art specialists and experts as major auction houses. This team of renowned experts makes every effort to ensure each artwork in the collection is genuine, bought at the right price, and is enticing to collectors. Users can invest any amount they wish in any piece in the collection and when an artwork sells to a collector, the investor receives their share of the profits. To purchase an artwork outright a collector needs to enter into a bidding process and remain the highest bidder for 24 consecutive hours.

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