27 Nov 2019

Golden “KUBE” coffee kiosk opens at K11 Musea

The much-anticipated golden “KUBE”, a cube-shaped design installation by Dutch architectural firm OMA, is now open for business with % ARABICA’s sixth store in Hong Kong. Echoing K11 Group Founder Adrian Cheng’s vision for K11 MUSEA to be a landmark whereby to connect people and propagate culture, the now opened % ARABICA at KUBE is designed to unfold communal dialogues and experiences shared between the community, shoppers and travellers of the vibrant city.


“In creating K11 MUSEA, we worked with 100 creative talents to propagate culture and inject inspiring content into the new consumer’s daily life. What David Gianotten and Rem Koolhaas’ KUBE adds to K11 MUSEA is therefore more than an iconic OMA feature, but a symbolic space that explores Hong Kong’s waterfront culture, coffee culture and a new way to become part of a larger community.” Says Adrian Cheng, K11 Group Founder.



Enviably located on the waterfront with unimpeded views of the iconic Victoria Harbour, KUBE is a cube-shaped kiosk designed by acclaimed Dutch architecture firm OMA headed by David Gianotten and Rem Koolhaas. KUBE will now be home to the newest % ARABICA, the fastest-growing specialty coffee brand in the world. Serving its signature blend and specialty drinks, % ARABICA will foster a communal environment where shoppers and visitors can share experiences over a great cup of coffee.


The dai-pai-dong-inspired kiosk features aluminium panels with a special anodized golden finish that changes colour as light of different qualities reflects from the material, while an arrangement of cubical marble chairs allows people to linger and engage with each other – an all-rounded setting that allows events and outdoor performances in future.


For special events, a giant red balloon, visible from across the Victoria Harbour, is installed as a “city canopy” to gather all participants under the same roof, and as an “urban pin” to mark the KUBE as a place in the city for inspiring encounters.


“The KUBE is a multi-function installation to connect people visiting K11 MUSEA and passers-by, who share a moment to be fully present to experience the city, and possibilities of encounters,” says David Gianotten, OMA Managing Partner – Architect.


Lauded by its smooth and strong taste with hints of dark chocolate, the signature % ARABICA Blend is a medium-dark roast combining two Ethiopian and two Brazilian coffee beans. The current single origin coffee features lightly roasted Ethiopia Adado which evokes a fruity flavour with tones of citrus and orange. Highlights on the menu include the Spanish Latte, a sweet and smooth coffee served with a dash of condensed milk and the Matcha Latte, a non-coffee beverage made with Kyoto matcha powder and milk.


One-of-a-kind Coffee Journey

K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture introduces a wide range of culinary experience to both local and overseas visitors, enriching their daily life through gastronomy culture. Encompassing over 70 local and global food & beverage brands, the destination presents three specially curated concepts including Hong Kong’s largest bakery zone with over 4,500 sq. ft. and an artisanal coffee journey experience.


Alongside the unique coffee by the sea experience at KUBE, K11 MUSEA also curated a coffee journey in arm’s length – Visitors can enjoy the urban skyline at the alfresco rooftop of the Bohemian Garden with Elephant Grounds, explore the world’s first single-origin nitro coffee bar by The Coffee Academïcs or enjoy the sleek aesthetics of Omotesando Koffee with their variety of espresso based coffee’s from Japan. For a more intimate experience, visit Koffee Mameya, where their bean specialists or “coffee sommeliers” brew some of the rarest and bespoke coffees sourced from around the world.


Complementing the coffee journey is the 4,500-plus sq. ft K11 Bakery House, the haven for pastry lovers, new boulangerie and restaurant helmed by celebrity master baker Gontran Cherrier located at B2. On the same floor K11 Taste Chamber and Food Playground, two other curated concepts are located. For those on the go, K11 Taste Chamber offers both dine in and grab & go light food and confectionary options from global brands including SAMJIN AMOOK Express, renowned for their fresh, daily made Korean Fishcakes, an open kitchen dry-aged steak bar by bong pro-dryaging butchers & grill and reinterpreted Korean Fried Chicken recipe from HAN Chicken & Snack. For a fun experience, ROBOTEA creates their beverage by automated robots and performs a robotic dance every hour. Food Playground encompasses a variety of international food venues and consist of ten casual dining options from varied cuisines with social seating.


Redefining Hong Kong’s Gastronomic Experiences

For discerned diners, K11 MUSEA offers a diverse and extensive gastronomy programme with an exciting list of ‘Hong Kong’s first’ restaurants. Bringing the best of international and regional names to the city, new openings include: Afternoon Tea TEAROOM, Avobar, Chatterbox Café, GARAKU Soup Curry, Takano Ramen and Tominokoji Yamagishi. Other highlight venues include Fortnum & Mason, the first wholly owned and operated shop and restaurant concept outside the UK, to be opened in November, Japanese Restaurant GINZA who opened in 1981 returns having previously located in the former New World Center which is now K11 MUSEA. Soil to Soul, an oriental contemporary vegetarian cuisine inspired by Chōsen and Nihon monastic cooking for betterment of mindfulness, and Yung’s Bistro, a refreshing new concept by Yung Kee serving up the genuine taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine in a modern contemporary setting.

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