Joining forces: Art & PR

20 Dec 2019

How to integrate art into PR strategy for meaningful impact

Companies across industries have seen the benefits of not only engaging with the arts but weaving art into a PR strategy to meet business objectives. Integrating art into PR strategy can: increase your brand’s relatability to consumers, contribute to the well-being and culture of a community, widen the target audience or tap into a market trend, among other benefits. Even though your company may not sit in the art world, this shouldn’t stop you from tapping into its forces. We have outlined a few examples of how best to do this, starting from dipping your toe into an exclusive relationship with art.


Reacting to an annual trend

March is known as Arts Month in Hong Kong, and the city waits expectantly for artsy collaborations to take over everything and anything from galleries and museums to the MTR, shopping centres and the streets. One step the hospitality scene has been taking to embrace the celebration of the arts is to incorporate artsy elements into their menus and décor. Cocktails and food menus are designed around iconic artworks by renowned artists such as Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo. Guests can expect to dine under floral canopies and enjoy a meal surrounded by standout installations by local and emerging artists popping up in dining spaces. This year, Zuma collaborated with a floral artisan to transform their Bar & Lounge while Pirata Group conjured up a series of playful cocktails befitting of the Art month theme. Restaurants are realizing that this annual trend can be quite lucrative and have been quick to jump on the bandwagon not just to increase their ROI, but to stay timely and relevant.


Creative launch events & contributing to the culture of a community

Hospitality brands have also seen the benefits from investing in the arts to bring curated experiences to guests. Plaza Premium Group collaborated with Beijing Poly Art Company Limited to curate an exhibition in their airport lounge, which echoed their objectives of providing guests with elevated experiences on their travel journey to and from their home.


Hong Kong retail destination WORFU collaborated with internationally acclaimed artist and designer Camille Walala earlier this year to celebrate the company’s rebrand. This was the brand’s first public art community engagement project and they aimed to give residents the opportunity to engage with world-class art via an accessible platform in their neighbourhood. The collaboration conveyed WORFU as a multi-faceted destination, which welcomes all demographics and showcased their modern aesthetic upon its repositioning as the community’s most relevant retail destination. The artwork acted as a playful and immersive element which inspired visitors of the venue to explore and interact with the community.


Weaving art into the brand story & increasing relatability

Swire Properties has a rich history of hosting arts and culture events and is always looking to enrich, engage and foster creativity within their brand. They believe that art plays an important role in sustaining vibrant communities and, for over seven years, Swire Properties has taken part in Art Basel in Hong Kong. Their Arts Month Programme continuously features a dynamic and world-class schedule featuring exhibitions and art installations with local and international artists as well as their Dialogue Series with a panel featuring some of the leading creative minds in their fields. In turn, the property developer has become more relatable to the everyday consumer by being involved in events outside of their core industry.


Developing a brand with an art DNA

More recently, Hong Kong has seen the opening of K11 MUSEA spearheaded by Adrian Cheng that has been developed with art and design at the core, intricately woven into its DNA. Fusing art and culture, the cultural retail destination introduces an immersive experience for today’s rapidly evolving dynamic customers. The retail giant has been weaving art more and more into their projects over the past few years starting with K11 Art Mall in 2009, the beginning of Cheng’s art x commerce concept. By integrating art and culture into the concept from the very beginning, the brand has transformed K11 MUSEA from a just another mall to a destination in itself.


Asia’s first ‘artisanal home’ concept, the ultra-luxury, ultra-private, full serviced residence K11 ARTUS sits alongside K11 MUSEA at Victoria Dockside, also conceived by Cheng. K11 ARTUS creates luxurious living spaces that seamlessly blend with unique art pieces and differentiates themselves in the market as being the residences for global cultural creatives. Through weaving art into their DNA, the luxury brand K11 ARTUS has created a niche for themselves in a highly competitive market.

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